Low Cut Ferrite Clamp: BFCW-A, BFCW-MA Series

Oblong-shaped automotive-grade ferrite for suppressing common mode noise (cables comfortably set side-by-side)

  • Low profile provides space saving compared with the conventional type
  • Housing with anti-slip means for cable tie around its outer side
  • Optimal for onboard charging cables and inverter powercables that have limited space for conducted noise suppression
  • Plastic casing: UL94 V-2
  • Operating temperature -40 ~ 125 °C
Low Cut Ferrite Clamp: BFCW-A, BFCW-MA Series
BFCW Dimensions
Part No.FrequencyABCDEF
Part No.Applicable Cable Diameter
BFCW-2010-A-BK-lPC∅ 9 x two cables
BFCW-2010MA-BK-1PC∅ 9 x two cables
BFCW-3515-A-BK-lPC∅ 14 x two cables
BFCW-2010MA-BK-1PC∅ 14 x two cables
BFCW 30% Lower Height
Application: BFCW-A, BFCW-MA Series
Part No.Impedance Ω/100 MHz (1 Turn)
BFCW-2010-A-BK-1PC≧ 117
BFCW-2010-MA-BK-1PC≧ 20Ω(1MHz(1 turn))
BFCW-3515-A-BK-1PC≧ 117
BFCW-3515-MA-BK-1PC≧ 16Ω(1MHz(1 turn))

Impedance vs. Frequency

Low-Frequency Grade
High-Frequency Grade

Identification (engraved on the back of the product)

Low-Frequency Grade

BFCW Low-frequency grade

High-Frequency Grade

BFCW High-frequency grade

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.