Thanks to customer and local community, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc., or KGS America (formerly known as Intermark USA), was established in 1990 as the USA sales operations for KITAGAWA Industries Co., LTD.
KGS America’s product line includes of EMC solutions (including but not limited to EMI absorbers, ferrite cores, shielding components, and grounding parts), thermal interface materials, vibration and shock management gels, and plastic components.

Our sales office today is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. KGS America supports all customers located in North America and South America out of the San Jose office.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has a continuing commitment to support customers, meeting specific requirements, and supplying the most effective solutions.

Our parent company, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES Co. LTD (or simply: KGS), is a well-established and leading global supplier of solution components for a variety of industries including consumer electronics, optical and communications network, automotive, medical, industrial, robotics, and energy and power. KGS global headquarters is based in Nagoya, Japan. The former Chairman Mr. Hiroji Kitagawa started the company in 1955.
KGS was a publicly-owned company and listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange from 1996 to 2018.
Today, KGS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nitto Kogyo Corporation.

As a global company, KGS has multiple sales offices, R&D facilities, and factories internationally in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Germany. The Nagoya factory also boasts an EMC center on campus with a shield room, 3-meter chamber, and two 10-meter chambers. KGS products are designed, developed, and manufactured within KGS-owned and operated facilities. Our research and development team works tirelessly to ensure the highest quality and technical characteristics of each KGS product and registers international patents for KGS-original parts.

KGS’ research and development activities are focused around continuous improvements in product quality and adaptability towards market evolution. KGS regularly partners with clients, companies, and universities to develop new or custom solutions to serve unique needs across multiple industries.

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