Plastic Components for Electronics

KGS plastic components’ innovative designs had its inception in the 1960’s. While the function, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness of each component is paramount, KGS design engineers also were also mindful of the production technicians to help reduce repetitive-motion injuries. With KGS’ vast array of high quality, injection-molded plastic parts (including spacers, rivets, cable clamps, connector clamps, ties, capacitor holders, bushings, grommets, cable ducts and tubing), we are able to support any requirement for plastic parts. Customized solutions (such as mix-and-matching mounting styles) can also be designed if needed.

Some of KGS EMC products were derived from our own injection molded parts. Check out our line of EMC grounding parts (FGC series grounding clamps, FGCS series snap-mount grounding clamps, and FGS series grounding spacers).

Our new and innovative plastic components are easy to install during manufacturing and very cost-effective. Our plastic solutions can be used to secure various components including but not limited to cables, cable connectors, and PC boards.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has developed reusable plastic clips with different mounting features to choose from. Two of these mounting features are the Push Type and the Twist Type.

Plastic Components: Special Mounting Features

Push Type Snap Mount Advantages:

Push Type Snap Mount Advantages
  • Quickly removed from the installation side of the PCB by pushing the lever; convention clamps have to be removed from the reverse side with nippers.
  • Can be mounted with a standard round hole; no custom shape required.

Twist Type Snap Mount Advantages:

Twist Type Snap Mount Advantages
  • Smaller projection of the mount under the PCB, suitable for installation where space is limited.
  • Easily installed and removed by turning the body; no tool required.
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  • Plastic Component Products

Plastic Fasteners

Plastic fasteners are used in a variety of applications because of the flexibility, durability and low cost of the material. They also help speed assembly time for many electronic components and units.

Plastic Clamps

Clamps are an effective and simple way to manage cable and wire bundles. Offered in a wide array of configurations for mounting (snap-mount, twist-mount, adhesive-mount, and screw-mount), clamp styles (twist-lock, snaps and clips), cable insertion methods (top, side, band, and others), and even automotive-grade plastics, there is sure to be a clamp that will work best in your design.

Our plastic components are used in a wide range of application field