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For ease of viewing our materials, discover the latest KGS products in our eBook catalogues. All catalogues are available once the request form is submitted. Feel free to contact us at or (408)-971-2055 for more information.

Product Catalog: Absorbers and Ferrite Cores

What’s Inside

  • EMI Absorbers including broadband, narrowband, RFID and dual function EMI and thermal management absorbers.
  • Ferrite Cores including:
    broadband (0.1Mhz ~ 300 MHz),
    low frequency (0.1MHz ~30 MHz),
    mid frequency (3MHz~ 300 MHz) and
    high frequency (30MHz~ 1GHz) ferrite cores.

Product Catalog: Shielding and Grounding

What’s Inside

  • EMI Shielding including cable shielding, shielding gaskets, conductive tapes and conductive film including WINAL series, an electrically conductive transparent film.
  • EMI Grounding including on-board contacts, board-level solutions which can be implemented in the design stage.
Product Catalog: Thermal Interface Materials

What’s Inside

  • Thermal Interface Materials
    Silicone-free materials up to 5 W/m•K to prevent siloxane outgassing concerns and silicone-based materials up to 7 W/m•K .

    Our thermal pads can be specially die-cut to your design application needs.

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