Dual Functioning Thermal Pads

With an increasing number of applications dealing with more than one issue in the same location, our silicone-free dual functioning materials are a cost effective solution for resolving both problems at the same time. Some examples are our EMPV4 (Dual functioning Thermal pad and EMI Absorber) and CPAG (Dual functioning Thermal pad and Vibration Dampener). Upon special request, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America can also layer two or more of our silicone-free materials into one without trapping any air bubbles. Multiple layered products are fused together during manufacturing in such a way that the layers will not come apart.

Change Gel Thermal Pad + EMC Dual Function: CGE Series

Thin + Dual functional sheet for EMC and thermal management. Phase Change at 50 degrees C to secure close contact with heating elements.

Thermal Pad and Vibration Damper: CPAG Series

Silicone-Free, heat-conductive vibration damping sheet. Dual function thermal conductive and vibration damping material.

EMI Absorber and Thermal Pad: EMPV4-F Series

Silicone-free thermal interface material with EMI noise suppression. Compliable material (ASKER C 40) that conforms to uneven surfaces.

EMI Absorber and Thermal Pad: EMPV5-F Series

Silicone-free material, great for applications sensitive to siloxane and oil-bleeds. KGS-original formulation allows for great EMC noise suppression.


KGS America’s Dual Functioning Thermal Pads are used in a wide range of application field.