Vibration Damping Sheets

Vibration damping material in silicone-free sheets, each series designed for specific applications or issues, particular frequency ranges, and operating temperature range.

High-Vibration Damping Rubber Sheet: AGL Series

High-Vibration damping rubber sheet. Custom cutting, punching and other processing are available.(Thickness does not include release paper, adhesive and protection film)

LOSTMER TPS Sheet: ALS20AF2 Series

Non-tacky silicone-free damper sheet with non-tacky and high-damping performance. Laminated PET film allows for durable slide and wear resistance.


Higher damping performance against vibration energy with higher shock-absorbing performance. Silicone-free, no siloxane outgassing. It is UL94V-0 certified product.

Thermal Pad and Vibration Dampener: CPAG Series

Silicone-Free, heat-conductive vibration damping sheet. Suitable for applications with both thermal and vibration/shock issues. Excellent vibration damping loss factor of 1.17.

Shock-Absorbing Damper: G90VBK Series

Extremely low-hardness material enables higher absorbing performance for equipment and components with higher damping performance from the lower frequency.

Sound Damper: SS2-1.0-T1

Sound damper suppresses airborne and vibration sound simultaneously. Acrylic rubber (KGS formula) gives high sound insulation effect. Custom die cut upon request.

LOSTMER Sheet: TSEA Series

Ultra-thin, thermally conductive sheet, suitable for devices where clearance is limited. Converts kinetic energy to thermal energy for excellent shock attenuation.

KG-GEL 80TW Sheet: TWG80 Series

Soft material isolates shockwaves from low frequencies and prevents them from traveling to devices and components. Operating temperature from -20 ~ +100ºC.


KGS America Vibration Damping Sheets products are used in a wide range of application field.