Samples, technical support, and product offerings

Yes, we’re always happy to provide samples for testing.
The best way to request samples are:

  • Complete a sample request online
  • Email us at
  • Call us at 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278) or 408-971-2055.

We may have additional clarifying questions to ensure you have the correct and best parts for your design.
The technical support and advice we provide help to maximize the efficiency of your test time by eliminating options that won’t work and reducing the overall number of different parts to test.
Our engineering team with 30+ years of experience can also provide recommendations to help improve your product design.

*KGS does business-to-business transactions only. Personal projects will not be supported.

Yes, our knowledgeable sales and engineering team is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm Pacific time (San Francisco time).
Call us at 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278) or 408-971-2055, or email us at

Direct contact for the technical sales teams are:

  • Kyoko: 408-234-3668, kyoko(at)
  • Linh: 408-332-8218, linh(at)

Voicemails and emails received after 4:00pm will be responded to on the next business day.

Yes, we do. But, be aware not all of our parts listed on our website are PPAP-ready (see more on PPAP here).
KGS automotive-rated parts have been rigorously tested and approved for use in the auto industry.
For a complete catalog of auto-grade parts, please email your requirements to or call:

  • Kyoko: 408-234-3668, kyoko(at)
  • Linh: 408-332-8218, linh(at)
You are welcome to use KGS parts in any way you see fit for your application.
However, uses outside of KGS’ specifications can carry risks and KGS is unable to support documents for uses beyond our part’s intended use and specifications.
While KGS may not be able to provide special tests or reports for unusual uses, we stand behind our products when used in the way they were designed and marketed.
Upon request, we can provide our standard test reports for your reference.

Quotes and orders

Email your RFQ’s to
Be sure to include in your message the KGS part number(s) or product description, monthly volumes, R&D/design location for the project (if known), mass production location, and production timeline.
Custom parts may require drawings (including PDFs and CADs) for our team to quote.
Pricings are not offered over the phone.
KGS America does direct sales from our San Jose, California office and does not have any distributors.
The best way to obtain parts and information is to contact us

  • Email:
  • Toll free (USA): 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278)
  • Phone: 408-971-2055

KGS has other worldwide locations.
Find your nearest KGS branch location here.

If you have already received a quote from KGS America, orders can be sent to:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 408-971-6033

To prevent errors, orders are not accepted by phone.
We invite you to call in to ensure your PO was received: 408-971-2055.

If you have not received a quote, please contact with the KGS part number(s) or product description, monthly volumes, R&D/design location for the project (if known), mass production location, and production timeline.

Yes. For orders originating from the USA, there is a minimum order amount of $20 (or MOQ of the product).
For orders originating outside of the USA, the minimum order amount is $200 (or MOQ of the product).
KGS America only accepts transactions in USD ($).
Product availability and lead times vary from product to product.
While we attempt to keep products in stock at our USA warehouse, certain products are more popular than others.
We understand you have deadlines to meet.
If you have any concerns, contact us for the best resolution: 408-971-2055,
We accept all major US credit cards, check, C.O.D., and ACH payments. For international orders, TT wire payment is accepted.
Credit terms up to NET 30-days is offered once an account is set up with us. Until then, our system can only allow pre-payment terms.
Please also note, even if NET terms are set up, all first-time orders are on pre-payment terms.
For more information on setting up credit terms, please contact us at
Once orders are confirmed, KGS does not allow cancelation or returns unless parts are defective.
If you are unsure if a part will work for you or if it is only for prototype testing, we recommend obtaining samples to test from our sales and engineering team.
Most samples are offered at no charge for business-to-business clients.
Send us a sample request online, call us at 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278) or 408-971-2055, or email us at


KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES, or KGS for short, is a designer and manufacturer of solution products for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), heat dissipation, vibration damping, and fasteners (plastics).
In Japan, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES has been in business since 1959 initially manufacturing and distributing rubber-based products. The company was known as Kitagawa Gomu (ゴム the Japanese word for rubber )or simply KG.
Over time, the company expanded the product line to include many specialized items, especially those for the EMC industry.
“KGS” comes from the stock ticker symbol when the company was listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange in 1996. During discussions for our IPO, the company decided that KGS would stand for Kitagawa Global Solutions
While our company name remains KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES, it was a push to show our reaches in the global market place.
Officially, we are known as KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc., dba KGS America.
In September 2014, the American branch had a corporate name change to KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.
Our previous company name was Intermark USA, which was always a part of KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES’ group companies.
** Please note: KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES is not related to or affiliated with Kitagawa-NorthTech in any way. We are completely separate entities. **
Nitto Kogyo Corporation is the parent company and the largest shareholder of KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES since the successful completion of a takeover bid on January 8, 2019. The new organization has not changed the way KGS operates in Japan or at other overseas locations and has maintained all of KGS’ branch locations and employees.
KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES is considered an essential business as we support all industries including the medical field in the US and around the world.
While Santa Clara County and the State of California allows KGS America to remain open, in order to reduce the risk of exposure and maintain social distancing protocols, most of our staff are telecommuting or working reduced hours at our San Jose office.
The office remains closed to outside visitors at this time.

Quality Control and Assurance

Yes, we have reports for all of our products.
Our test reports are meant to be references and should not be solely relied upon since our test conditions are controlled and does not account for variables in your unique design.
We recommend testing our parts to ensure they will work in your system.
Contact us at 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278) or 408-971-2055, or email us at with the KGS part number and the test report you wish to have.
Samples can be requested using our online form, email at, or by phone 855-EMC-PART (855-362-7278) or 408-971-2055