EMI Shielding

KGS’ EMI shielding materials help with sealing or grounding EMC noise entering or exiting a device. Using shielding can be crucial for long-term reliability of your design. KGS’ shield include a wide variety of products including electrically conductive fabric-over-foam (FoF) gaskets, conductive EZ foams, shielding tapes (copper, embossed copper, aluminum, and conductive fabric), cable shielding jackets (adhesive or Velcro closure), metal mesh tape, and thin conductive films (transparent and non-transparent). Depending on the application, KGS EMI shields can be used alone or in conjunction with another solution material (such as EMI grounding parts or EMI absorbers), typically with double-digit attenuation levels.

Careful design should be considered in order to have the most optimal effects from using shielding materials. For cables, a continuous shielding jacket (rather than segmented pieces connected with conductive tape) is a much more effective and reliable plan. Grounding clamps can be used on both ends to EMC ground the shield for increased shielding effectiveness. Alternatively, metal mesh tape can be used for shielding and grounded by soldering the metal itself.

For displays and apertures, out transparent shielding film is a great way to achieve EMI shielding and provide optical clarity. The shield can be ground around the perimeter to a metal bezel using FoF gaskets, conductive foams, or conductive fabric tapes.

On metal enclosures, conductive tapes are a commonly used during EMC testing. FoF gaskets and conductive foams are also very effective. It is one of the easiest solutions to apply gasketing along the entire perimeter to prevent any slit antennas.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.’s EMI Cable Shielding solutions cover a range from cable shielding jackets (FRCSE, ECBR-AL and ECBR-CF Series) to wire mesh tape (MT Series). KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI cable shielding jackets are convenient solutions to protect cables from EMI that may be coming from other outside components as well as provide environmental protection.

ECBR-AL Series

Made of conductive aluminum layer, PET fabric-based polyurethane insulation layer, tin-plated copper wire for grounding.

ECBR-CF Series

Light weight and flexible, nylon hook and loop (Velcro) fastener for easy application.

FRCSE Series

Flexible cable shielding material to protect cables from EMI noise.

MT Series

Very flexible cylindrical mesh made of extremely fine (0.12 mm), braided, tin-plated copper wires.

Flat Cable Shielding Jacket: FRCSR Series

Lightweight, flexible cable shielding jacket effective for EMI shielding. Easily installed on connected cables for immediate shielding against emissions or immunity noise.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc. offers a variety of EMI shielding gaskets with low surface resistance, excellent shielding, and effective electrostatic suppression. Gasket product lines include fabric over foam gaskets, carbon rubber gaskets and conductive cushion gaskets.

CSR Series

Carbon Rubber is a carbon filled silicone rubber available in the form of sheet as well as various extruded shapes as shown here. Also it is a good shielding material and an excellent environmental seal.

EZ-Foam™: EZ-F2, EZ-FB

This popular conductive cushion gasket, EZ-Foam™, has the unique combination of high conductivity in all X, Y and Z-axes, excellent EMI shielding, great grounding capabilities, as well as shock absorption.

NLCG Series

Fabric over the foam gasket with low surface resistance, and excellent shielding effectiveness and effective electrostatic solution.

Traditionally seen in all EMI labs, these EMI shielding tapes come with conductive adhesive that has excellent conformity. Available in copper, aluminum, and conductive fabric, it can be used to mount EMI/RFI shields, gaskets, ESD pads, and for grounding purposes as well.

IMCU-HF Series

Thin and flexible metal foil (Copper) tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive.

Conductive Al Tape : IMAL-HF Series

Thin and flexible metal foil (Aluminum) tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive.

CCTE Series

Thin and flexible metal foil (Embossed Copper) tape and unique embossed structure enables direct contact with the substrate.

Conductive Fabric Tape: IMCF-HF Series

Thin and flexible nickel coated tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive.

For those who have an LCD screen or display window that requires EMI shielding, EMI shielding film is the ideal solution for any openings. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers transparent EMI window shielding film that comes with adhesive for easy installation

WINAL Series

This extremely transparent, thin, light weight, easy to cut and electrically conductive film is great for EMC and electro static discharge of LCD screens/panels, apertures and other displays.


Thin film for magnetic shielding in low-frequencies. Insulation by laminated layer (Without end face). Easy mounting with adhesives. Cutting service is available upon request.

Remiless (REMI)

Ultra-slim conductive film made by multi-layer thin film technology. Suitable for shielding noise on flexible cables and small devices with limited clearance.

GSS-HT Series

New shielding sheet for GHz band noise. No trace design of the SHIELD SHEET is required on PC board surfaces, providing high flexibility in circuit design.

  • Our EMI shielding materials are used in a wide range of application field