Application: Smart Factory

Advancements in communication technologies have made it possible to transmit more data at high speeds, allowing industrial equipment to perform simple to complex tasks. In addition, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the factory setting is being considered to further improve productivity. 

Application: Air Condition

Air Conditioning

A (HVAC) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is an essential part of almost every building and facility. As technology advances to high performance and compact designs, more attention is required to electromagnetic compatibility. Vibration is also a main source of damage to electronic components and connections. KGS offers vibration damping materials and shock absorbing products suitable for particular needs.

Application: Display / Flat Screen TV

Display / Flat Screen TV

With today’s technology, displays and flat-screen TVs are developing in the direction of high density, high resolution, energy-saving, high brightness, and larger screens. To meet the market requirements, PC boards need to accommodate more components to fulfill the advanced functionality. Thus, the concerns of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and heat issues arise.

Application: Next Generation Vehicle

Next Generation Vehicle

The growth of battery power and digital driving systems will create a place in the automotive industry for Next Generation Vehicle. KGS America directly supports manufacturers with any EMC problems that arise with the use of electric motors and batteries. We are actively responding to our customer’s needs by providing quality materials that the automotive industry requires.

Application: Video Camera

Video Camera

The new future of cameras has been making waves for their highly impressive feature sets, but some critics are worried about the possibility of overheating when shooting video. When the cameras overheat, they can shut down and incur long-term damage. An application’s thermal management can be crucial in increasing its life expectancy and brand reliability.

Application: HEMS


HEMS, Home Energy Management System, to connect the energy equipments at home to the network, to reduce wasting of electrical power and utility costs with the total management and to contribute the reduction of carbon dioxide. We provide the solutions of environmental resistance for outdoor use, measures for silence for indoor use and corresponding to the measures of electromagnetic wave.

Application: Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

The demand for medical devices has increased as technology has become more innovative. With the new technologies and complex designs, EMI from radiofrequency sources may cause the medical devices to malfunction, raising concerns about patient safety. We supply the most effective EMC and thermal solutions to meet the medical field requirements.

Application: Multifunction Printer

Multifunction Printer

A Multi-Functional Printer (MFD) is a machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one. The different functions print, copy, scan, and fax create concerns for designers; which include noise immunity, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD). KGS offers a wide range of ferrite cores with excellent impedance performance for EMI mitigation and suppression.

Application: Smartphone


Smartphones provide many features of a computer, including similar software applications, data communications, Wi-Fi connection, TV and image processing. Thus, solutions need to be multifaceted: providing reduction in weight, reducing thermal issues caused by high-performance/high-speed chips, reducing shock and vibration, and solving EMC related problems.

Application: Car Navigation

Car Navigation

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, there is different electronic equipment installed in cars. Car navigation is one of the top considerations. Due to the space constraints, EMI issues will occur between different instruments. KGS offers a variety of automotive grade products to solve electromagnetic interference.

Application: Mobile Game

Mobile Game

The continued drive towards 5G may produce a bright future for mobile games. With increased demands for faster speeds in smaller devices, engineers are constantly challenged to innovate creative ways to manage heat and to pass EMC compliance. KGS’s product line includes of EMC solutions, thermal interface materials, vibration/shock management gels, and plastic components.

Application: Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Washing machines generate electromagnetic waves during operation and affect the reception quality of nearby devices. Electromagnetic compatibility concerns both unintended EMI emissions from an electronic equipment as well as the ability of an equipment to function in the presence of electromagnetic interference (immunity). KGS offers an extensive array of ferrites for different cable profiles.

Application: Smart Meter

Smart Meter

A whole new era of smart Energy Meters has come. Smart meters provide the ability to track and control electricity consumption in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. There are a large number of built-in EMI interferences that can easily damage the sensitivity of electronic components. Our product lines comprise a wide range of products for EMC solutions.

Application: Refrigerator


Refrigerators with built-in cameras, LCD display, or touch screens, can produce a large amount of EMI radiation, as well as ESD (Electro-Static Discharge). KGS offers EMI solutions and also provides cable management products, which are required for internal wiring of the refrigerator. Plastic fasteners are used in a variety of applications because of the flexibility, durability and low cost of the material. They help speed assembly time for many electronic components and units.