DesignCon 2022 will be held at Santa Clara Convention Center on 4/6-7(Wed & Thr), 2022

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DesignCon is moving back to Santa Clara, CA in 2022. This Expo is the premier high-speed communications and system design conference, offering industry-critical engineering education in the heart of electronics innovation “Silicon Valley”. Please join the DesignCon 2022 at the Santa Clara Convention Center April 5-7 (Tue-Thr), 2022 for three days of education, exhibits, and networking. Registration has started and you can register here. Grab a FREE Expo Pass & Attend – Be Eligible to Win a $1,000 Gift Card

About EXPO

With leading suppliers on the expo floor, the latest in high-speed design tools, technologies, and developments will be on display at the DesignCon expo. DesignCon remains the place for chip, board, and systems design engineers to source, network, and stay ahead of industry change. In one lap of the floor, discover breakthrough solutions, free activities, networking events, educational sessions, and more.

About Conference

With technical paper sessions, panels, tutorials, and boot camps spanning 14 tracks, DesignCon’s three-day conference program provides the information you need to solve design challenges now and plan how to improve designs in the future.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America is featuring the following products at this DesignCon 2022.

KGS America Inc. Exhibitor Booth #618

Four product types related to optical communication (EMI Absorbers, Thermal Pads, EMI Grounding, EMI Shielding) are introduced here. Please feel free to contact us as there are many related products other than these products.

Broadband EMI Absorber - IME8 Series

IME8 is high-performance broadband absorber for EMI suppression and ESD mitigation. Converts undesired EMI noise into negligible heat. Easy to apply directly at the noise source. Great for space-conscious applications. Recommended frequency range from 10MHz and above. Custom shapes available upon request.

CPVP Series is soft, 2W/m∙K silicone-free thermal putty, and it’s the Automotive-Grade. Super compliable (ASKER C 0) material sandwiched between thin permanent PET film and light tacky layer for easy handling. Thin permanent PET film provides mechanical strength and prevents dust and debris from getting trapped on the putty surface. Custom shapes available upon request.

Super-Soft Putty-like Silicone-Free Thermal Pad - CPVP Series
Toroidal Core Targeting 3~50MHz - KTR Series

KTR Series is a single, solid toroidal core formulated to target 3 ~ 50MHz (mid-frequency range) with few turns. Effective for suppression of both conducted noise (up to 30MHz) and radiated noise (over 30MHz). Gray epoxy coating for easy identification and to prevent electrical short. Other sizes available upon request.

RFCW is a ferrite clamp that can withstand engine compartment conditions. Wide operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃. On-board vibration requirement: ISO-16750-3- II compliant for passenger vehicle gear shifts. Conducted noise suppression filter for applications up to 125℃ and 10G vibration.

Low Frequency Ferrite Clamp: RFCW Series
EMC Metal Mesh Cable Shield - MT Series

MT Series is a light and flexible cylindrical mesh. Made of extremely fine (0.12mm), braided, tin-plated copper wires. Can be easily wrapped around the cable or insert cables through the mesh cylinder. Conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces. Tin-plating allows for low impedance and resists galvanic corrosion, and copper provides excellent conductivity.

TWG80 Series is a silicone-free, gel-type vibration and shock damper with high temperature resistance. Soft material isolates shockwaves from low frequencies and prevents them from traveling to devices and components. Operating temperature from -20 ~ +100ºC. Available in sheets or as injection molded parts. Custom shapes available upon request.

Silicone-free Gel Vibration and Shock Damper - TWG80 Series
Automotive-Grade On-Board EMC Grounding Contact - OG-684296

OG-684296 is SMT-type, Tall EMC grounding contact for PCB’s in engine compartments, and it’s the Automotive-Grade. Spring mechanism withstands10 million compressions from engine vibrations. Unique dimple design allows for continued electrical contact. Operating temperature from -40℃ ~ +150℃, ideal for automotive applications.

OG-160810 is a tiny profile, board-level EMC grounding component. Compact design, great for space-conscious applications (such as smart, wearable devices). Au plating for stable contact resistance. Tape-and-reel design for automated mounting.

Super Small, On-Board EMC Grounding Contact - OG-160810

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the above products. There is live chat on this site.