On‐board Contact for Parallel EMC Grounding: OG-684296

SMT-type EMC grounding contact for PCB’s in engine compartments.

  • Spring mechanism withstands 10 million compression from engine vibrations.
  • Unique dimple design allows for continued electrical contact.
  • Operating temperature from -40 ℃ ~ +150 ℃, ideal for automotive applications.

Dimensions (mm)

Dimension: OG-684296

Pad and Mask Dimensions (mm)

Pad and Mask Dimensions (mm): OG-684296
Part No.OG-684296
ApplicationsGround Contact for SMD
MaterialBeryllium Copper (t0.15 mm)
Recommended Gap (mm)7.0 ~ 9.0
Surface TreatmentSn reflow plating (Primary plating Cu)
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~ 150

Heat-shock Test

Heat-shock Test: OG-684296
  • Temperature switch: -40 °C/150 °C (0.5 hour each)
  • Number of cycle: 2000 cycles
  • Metal plate: Aluminum (ADC 12)
  • Test method: Sample is compressed by metal plate while heat is applied.
  • DC resistance value is measured.

Compression Force vs Electric Resistance

Compression Force vs Electric Resistance: OG-684296

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.