The OFC 2022 will be held at San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California on 3/6-10, 2022

OFC 2022 - Title

OFC is the world largest conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. Exhibiting companies showcase network equipment and software, active and passive components, test and manufacturing equipment, data center/IT products and cable and fiber.
KGS America will exhibit at OFC 2022. Visit us at booth # 2238.

About Venue

OFC, the premier event in telecom and data center optics, will take place Sunday, 06 March to Thursday, 10 March 2022. (Exhibition dates are Tuesday, 08 March – Thursday, 10 March). The venue will be at the San Diego Convention Center. Health and safety measures will be implemented at the San Diego Convention Center and all associated properties.

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America is featuring the following products at this OFC 2022.

KGS America Inc. Exhibitor Booth #2238

Four product types related to optical communications and networking professionals applications (EMI Ferrite / Ferrite Core, Thermal Pads, EMI Grounding, Vibration Damping Materials) are introduced here. Please feel free to contact us as there are many related products other than these products.

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber: NSSR Series

Achieve high attenuation of microwave noise problems at a specific high frequency, as much as 20dB. Recommended to have a reflective metal surface on the other side of the absorber. No fixture is necessary, adhesive on one side for easy mounting onto chip. Available without pressure-sensitive tape. Custom profile available upon request.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America carries a large selection of onboard contacts (OG) that are excellent grounding materials for reducing EMI noise at the board level. Also, these parts give the ability to ground in the areas where screws are not used. Space saving, FG facilitated even where screws are precluded. Automated mounting on PC board is applicable. Box structure is introduced for distortion, deformation and damage prevention.(excluding some part numbers)

Standard Type: On-Board Contacts
Thermal Interface Material: CPVP-F Series

Super compliable (ASKER C 0) material sandwiched between thin permanent PET film and light tacky layer for easy handling. Thin permanent PET film provides mechanical strength and prevents dust and debris from getting trapped on the putty surface. Because the CPVP is so soft, very little pressure is applied to components. No concerns for siloxane outgassing or oil bleeding. Operating temperature: -40 ~ 125˚C

IMRFS works to improve the range of RFID (13.56MHz) via the reduction of RFID-to-metal interference. The material consists of high permeability fillers in an elastomeric matrix, making it suitable for EMI noise attenuation. Applications other than RFID-improvement include: Suppression of radiated emissions in the near-field, reduction of surface noise on shield or other metal surfaces, reduction of cross-talk or other undesired coupling. Custom die cut upon request.

RFID / NFC Absorber: IMRFS Series

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the above products. There is live chat on this site.