Electromagnetic Wave Absorber: NSSR Series

Pinpoint/Narrowband absorbers for GHz range noise suppression

  • Achieve high attenuation of microwave noise problems at a specific high frequency, as much as 20dB.
  • Recommended to have a reflective metal surface on the other side of the absorber
  • No fixture is necessary, adhesive on one side for easy mounting onto chip
  • Available without pressure sensitive tape
  • Custom profile available upon request

Thickness0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 (custom thickness available up to 4mm)
Standard sheet size210 X 297 ±0.3
Target Frequency4.3GHz ~ 18GHz*
Hardness (Shore A)70 ± 15
Resistance (Ω)≧ 1.0 x 108
Flame Resistance (UL94)V-0 Equivalent
Operating Temperature(℃)-10 ~ 140
NSSR Series: Properties 01

Performance comparison among NSSR series material of the same thickness (1.5mm) for different target frequencies

NSSR Series: Properties 02

Performance comparison of NSSR material in different thicknesses targeting 15 GHz

* NSSR series is meant to target a certain frequency. Part numbers are determined based on your desired target frequency: NSSR-XXG-YYT ( XX= target frequency; VY= material thickness) Example: NSSR-l0G-l0T = NSSR for 10GHz in 1.0mm thickness

Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.