Narrowband EMI Absorber: LMR-RW Series (LESSMIRROR)

Thin and light, EM wave absorber with narrow GHz band.

  • Effective noise suppression in GHz band.
  • Lighter than conventional rubber absorber due to paper used as the main material.
  • Thin and suitable for small equipment.
Narrowband EMI Absorber: LMR-RW Series (LESSMIRROR)
Structure: LMR-RW Series
Part No.StandardLMR-25RW
A: Thickness (mm)1.45
B: Double-sided Adhesive Tape (mm)0.17
Center Frequency (GHz)25
Flame RatingUL94V-0 equivalent
*Double-side adhesive tape not included

Test Specification

Free-space field strength method
JIS R 1679

Test Specification: LMR-RW Series

Frequency (GHz)

Frequency (GHz): LMR-RW Series

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.