Dual Functioning EMC and Thermal Management

This type contains both EMC and thermal management functions. It works to reduce EMI noise as well as act as a thermal interface material (TIM) between the heat sink and the heat source. Attenuation is achieved in the same area where heat also needs to be regulated. This unique type can save space, cost, and time.

CGE Series

Thin + Dual functional sheet for EMC and thermal management. Phase Change at 50 degrees C to secure close contact with heating elements.

EMPV4-F Series

Excellent EMI absorber performance (µ’= 13 at 10MHz). Compliable material (ASKER C 40) that conforms to uneven surfaces.

EMPV5-F Series

KGS-original formulation allows for great EMC noise suppression. Recommended frequency range from 500MHz ~ 3GHz.


KGS America’s Dual Functioning EMC and Thermal Management products are used in a wide range of application field