Flat Cable Shield Jacket: ECBR-AL Series

Light weight and flexible, nylon hook and loop (Velcro) fastener for easy application.

  • Made of conductive aluminum layer, PET fabric-based polyurethane insulation layer, tin-plated copper wire for grounding, and PET fabric-based polyurethane enforcement tape
  • Fastener is melted onto the fabric which allows for easy cutting to desired lengths without detachment
  • Can be installed on pre-connected cables
  • Standard length is 25 meters
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Flat Cable Shield Jacket: ECBR-AL Series
Dimension: ECBR-AL Series
Parts No. A B
ECBR-AL-15G 83 64
ECBR-AL-20G 135 100
ECBR-AL-30G 165 130
ECBR-AL-40G 195 160
ECBR-AL-50G 240 195
ECBR-AL-70G 295 240
ECBR-AL-100G 415 350
Conductive material and thickness Aluminum foil 20μm
Outer Insulation layer and thickness PET fabric-based polyurethane 300 μm
Closure velcro
Color (outer layer) Black
Standard Length 25 meters

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.