Ultra-Thin Conductive Film: REMILESS – REMI Series

Ultra-slim conductive film made by multi-layer thin film technology, this product provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance by PPS film used as a base material with stable performance and corrosion resistance by multi-layered SUS and Cu. Halogen-free and flame retardant type.

  • Thin conductive film with great shielding effectiveness.
  • Suitable for shielding noise on flexible cables and small devices with limited clearance.
  • Resistant to galvanic corrosion.
  • Easier and safer to handle compared to metal conductive tapes.
  • Total thickness of REMI-FS and REMI-SC are 35μm.

REMI-FS, REMI-SC: Surface Conductive

REMI-FS, REMI-SC: Surface Conductive

Shielding and frame grounding of FPC’s

Shielding and frame grounding of FPC’s
REMILESS Shielding Effectiveness
Base MaterialPETPPS
Metal FilmSUS/Cu
Surface Resistance *1 (Ω/□)< 0.5
Total Thickness (mm)0.0350.035
Adhesive PropertyNon-ConductiveNon-Conductive
Flame Rating (UL94)UL94*2
Operating Temperature (˚C)-20 ~ +85-40 ~ +85
Standard Sheet Size (mm)210 x 310210 x 310

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.