EMI Absorber and Thermal Pad: EMPV4-F Series

Silicone-free thermal interface material with EMI noise suppression.

  • No siloxane outgassing concerns
  • Compliable material (ASKER C 40) that conforms to uneven surfaces
  • Excellent EMI absorber performance (μ’=13 at 10MHz)
  • High operating temperature from -40 ~ +110˚C
  • Custom profile available upon request (such as layering together with another silicone free thermal pad).

Cross-section View

Cross-section view
*both sides tacky available upon request

PropertyTest MethodEMPV4-F
Thickness (mm)1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5
Standard Sheet Size (mm)210 x 510
Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)JIS R2616
Hot-wire method
ISO 22007-2
Hot-disc method
ASTM D54701.4
Hardness (ASKER C)JIS K731240
Hardness (Shore 00)ASTM D 224070
Volume Resistivity (Ω • cm)JIS K 69111 X 10¹²
Flame ResistanceUL94V-0 Equivalent
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~ 110
Specific GravityJIS Z 88073.55
Tensile Strength (MPa)JIS K 62510.51
Elongation Rate (%)JIS K 625144
Breakdown Voltage (kV/mm)JIS C 2110-16.0
Withstanding Voltage (kV/mm)JIS C 2110-14.2
Dielectric Constant (1 MHz)Company Standard12.7
Loss Tangent (1 MHz)Company Standard0.13

Reflection Loss

Reflection Loss: EMPV4-F Series

Transmission Loss

Transmission Loss: EMPV4-F Series


Permeability: EMPV4-F Series

Shielding Effectiveness

Shielding Effectiveness: EMPV4-F Series

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.