Low Frequency Flexible Ferrite Sheet: FFS Series

High performance noise suppression ferrite sheet, targets low frequency noise around 1MHz

  • Thin (0.3mm thick) ferrite sheet with higher loss
  • Sintered ferrite, but intentionally cracked for flexibility and sandwiched between an adhesive layer and mylar to hold the material together
  • Achieves excellent performance in suppression noise by simply attaching FFS to desired areas
  • No fixture is necessary, adhesive on one side for easy mounting onto chip
Dimensions: Flexible Ferrite Sheet FFS Series
Dimensions: Flexible Ferrite Sheet FFS Series

A and B: Soft Ferrite, C and D: Profile (PET with adhesive layer)
1. PET with an adhesive layer, 2. Ferrite Sheet, 3. Double-sided Adhesive Tape

Part No.ABCD
  • Suppress radiated emission and prevent malfunction caused by intra-system interference for PCs, digital cameras, car navigation systems, and various kinds of office automation equipment.
  • Reduce the effect of magnetic leakage from transformers and sources.


Properties: Flexible Ferrite Sheet FFS Series


EMC Suppression for IC: FFS Series

EMC Suppression for IC

Mounting FFS onto IC Device

Mounting FFS onto IC Device

It is not advisable to reuse the product once it is removed.

* Unit: mm
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.