Ferrite Sheets and Tiles

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s standard ferrite tiles are high-performance nickel-zinc flat ferrite materials for EMI absorption or suppression depending on series. They come in a variety of different sizes for various applications. Ferrite Sheets, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America carries very thin and flexible ferrite sheets used for many applications including EMI absorbing in the low MHz range, RFID, NFC, and NFP applications working at 13.56 MHz.

FFS Series

High performance noise suppression ferrite sheet, targets low frequency noise around 1MHz.

FFSX-H Series

EMI flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet, engineered for both RFID/NFC and Rezence wireless charging.

FFSW / SDK15 Series

Very thin and flexible ferrite tile, ideal for low frequency wireless charging.

FFPC Series

Thin Ferrite Sheet provides optimal EMC soution for FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and FFC (Flexible Flat Cables).

SD Series

High performance, sintered ferrite tiles for CPU’s high density


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