EMI Cable Shielding Materials

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.’s EMI Cable Shielding solutions cover a range from cable shielding jackets (FRCSE, ECBR-AL and ECBR-CF Series) to wire mesh tape (MT Series).

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI cable shielding jackets are convenient solutions to protect cables from EMI that may be coming from other outside components as well as provide environmental protection. Our standard type (FRCSE) comes with a conductive aluminum layer underneath a PVC layer, and braided grounding wire included throughout the length of the jacket. The double-sided adhesive tape makes this cost-effective solution easy to install.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America also provides types with grounding wires to reduce any chance of the cable becoming an antenna. For easy access to do re-work on the cables, our cable shielding jacket has Velcro instead of adhesive. An extra shielding mesh layer has also been added to provide that added performance. This one comes with a handy grounding wire all the way through the material.

Wire mesh has been traditionally used as a cost effective shielding solution. It can be wrapped around cables harnesses for EMI, ESD suppression. It comes in various sizes and its metallic, strong nature allows it to withstand any irregular pressure that may occur. Grounding can also be easily achieved.

ECBR-AL Series

Made of conductive aluminum layer, PET fabric-based polyurethane insulation layer, tin-plated copper wire for grounding

ECBR-CF Series

Light weight and flexible, nylon hook and loop (Velcro) fastener for easy application

Cable Shielding Jacket: FRCSE Series

Flexible cable shielding material to protect cables from EMI noise

MT Series

Very flexible cylindrical mesh made of extremely fine (0.12 mm), braided, tin-plated copper wires

Flat Cable Shielding Jacket: FRCSR Series

FRCSR Series is a lightweight, flexible cable shielding jacket effective for EMI shielding. Easily installed on connected cables for immediate shielding against emissions or immunity noise.


KGS America’s EMI Cable Shielding Materials are used in a wide range of application field