EMI Shielding Gaskets

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc. offers a variety of EMI shielding gaskets with low surface resistance, excellent shielding, and effective electrostatic suppression. Gasket product lines include fabric over foam gaskets, carbon rubber gaskets and conductive cushion gaskets.

One unique conductive gasket is KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.’s EZ-Foam™. This thin, cost effective conductive gasket material is a flexible, versatile solution for limited space applications including smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation systems, and many more applications. It can go around an I/O area to ensure no EMI noise leaks out or can be used for grounding and ESD related purposes.

CSR Series

Carbon Rubber is a carbon filled silicone rubber available in the form of sheet as well as various extruded shapes as shown here. Also it is a good shielding material and an excellent environmental seal.

EZ-Foam™: EZ-F2, EZ-FB

This popular conductive cushion gasket, EZ-Foam™, has the unique combination of high conductivity in all X, Y and Z-axes, excellent EMI shielding, great grounding capabilities, as well as shock absorption.

NLCG Series

Fabric over the foam gasket with low surface resistance, and excellent shielding effectiveness and effective electrostatic solution.


KGS America’s EMI Shielding Gaskets are used in a wide range of application field