SY Damper and High-End Damper: SYD / HED Series

High-performance damper using extremely low-hardness material with high damping performance.

  • Low resonance is achieved by high damping material.
  • Higher damping performance lead to instant damping of vibration and impact.
  • Using silicone free material.
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High-End Damper: SYD / HED Series
  • RoHS Compliant


SYD Series

Dimensions: SY DAMPER

HED Series

Part No. Material Hardness Color 1 2 3 4 5
Durometer A 37 Black 5.8 1 φ10.0 φ4.3 φ6.4
SYD-1016-ALS37ABK 5.8 1.6 φ10.0 φ4.3 φ6.4
SYD-1412-ALS37ABK 8 1.2 φ14.5 φ5.3 φ9.9
SYD-1416-ALS37ABK 8 1.6 φ14.5 φ5.3 φ9.9
Durometer A 20 Black 10.8 1 φ11.1 φ3.8 φ7.7
Unit: mm

Vibration Transmission

SYD Series

Vibration Transmission: SYD Series

HED Series

Vibration Transmission: HED Series

Testing Condition

  • Load: 400 g
  • Support point number: Four point mounting
  • Acceleration: 0.4 G

Installation Specifications

Mounting Hole

Example: Mounting Hole

Recommended Sleeve

Recommended Sleeve for Damper Installation
Part No. Installation Specifications Recommended Sleeve (Reference)
Mounting hole size Panel thickness A B C
SYD-1010-*** φ6.5 1.0±0.2 φ4.2 5.8 ≧φ10.0
SYD-1016-*** φ6.5 1.6±0.1 φ4.2 5.8 ≧φ10.0
SYD-1412-*** φ10 1.2±0.1 φ5.2 8.0 ≧φ14.5
SYD-1416-*** φ10 1.6±0.1 φ5.2 8.0 ≧φ14.5
HED-1111-*** φ7.7 1.0±0.2 φ3.8 10.8 ≧φ11.1
Unit: mm

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.