LOSTMER TPS Sheet: ALS20AF2 Series

Non-tacky silicone-free damper sheet with non-tacky and high-damping performance.

  • Provides high vibration damping and impact buffering.
  • Laminated PET film allows for durable slide and wear resistance.
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LOSTMER TPS Sheet: ALS20AF2 Series

Cross-section View

One Side Adhesive Tape

Cross-section View: ALS20AF2-TC

Both Side No Adhesive Tape

Cross-section View: ALS20AF2
Part Number A Sheet Side Color
ALS20AF2-1.0(TC) 1.0 300 × 210 Black
ALS20AF2-2.0(TC) 2.0
ALS20AF2-3.0(TC) 3.0
ALS20AF2-4.0(TC) 4.0
ALS20AF2-5.0(TC) 5.0


Material Property

Hardness (Durometer type A※1) A 20
Resonance frequency (Hz) 78.3
Maximum Vibration Transmission Rate 1.2
Loss Factor 1.87

Vibration Transmission

LOSTMER TPS SHEET: Vibration Transmission

Impact Buffering Property

Impact Buffering Property

Testing Condition

Testing Condition
  • Specimen Size: 8x10 mm(t=5 mm)

  • Support Point Number: Two point mounting
  • Dropping Weighting: 800 g
  • Drop Height: 140 mm

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.