One Touch Vibration Damper: OTVD Series

A component which improves assembly processing by controlling impact and vibration

  • Compared with rubber bushes, the OTVD is effective against vibration from the lower frequency ranges, and effective for shock absorption, and anti-vibration in electronics equipment
  • As a collar washer is not required, this helps to reduce the number of parts to streamline the assembly processing (Only an M3 screw can be inserted/shoulder screws are not required)
HDD-Gel Bumper: HGB Series
OTVD Series: Specifications


Component Qty 2 pcs. 50% Down!
– Screw: 1 pcs.
– OTVD: 1 pcs.

Solution: OTVD

Past Assembly

Component Qty 4 pcs.
– Screw: 1 pcs.
– Waher: 1 pcs.
– Sleeve: 1 pcs.
– Bush: 1 pcs.

Past Assembly

Vibration Transmission

Test Condition

Sample: 3mm, Load: 400g, Support Point Number: Four Point Mountain, Acceleration: 0.4G

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.