Fan Fixer: FF Series

Fan Fixer is a fixture that reduces vibrations, and noise of cooling fan. It allows for fan to be installed without screws.

  • Resonance and fluttering noise are reduced by damping the vibrations transmitted from the cooling fan.
  • A snap structure enables simple one-touch installation. Screws or tools are not necessary.
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Fan Fixer: FF Series
Dimension: Fan Fixer - FF Series
Fan Fixer: FF Series
Material: 1. PP (Snap portion and support portion), 2. TPS (Flexible portion)
FF-10H-43-95T is dedicated for use with the D05X series made by Nidec Corporation.
Part No. FF-10H-43-95T FF-15F-43-95T FF-25F-43-95T
A φ8
B 3.8 4.5 4.5
C 9.8 15.0 25.0
(D) 23.4 29.3 39.1
Panel Thickness t0.8 ~ 1.0 t1.0 ~ 1.2 t0.8 ~ 1.0
Mounting Hole Size φ4.3 ± 0.1
Color Black

Recommended Fan Specifications

Part No. FF-10H-43-95T FF-15F-43-95T FF-25F-43-95T
Thickness (mm) t10 (+0.2, -0.6) t15 (+0.3, -0.5) t25 (+0.3, -0.5)
Screwhole Diameter (mm) φ4.3
Weight (g) ~40

Example for Vibration Suppression of Vibration and Acoustic Noise

Transmitted Vibration

Transmitted Vibration: FF Series

Acoustic Noise

Acoustic Noise: FF Series

Testing Condition

Measuring vibration and noise with bladeless fan on chassis.
KG GEL Sandwich Configuration

KG GEL Sandwich Configuration

Structure: FAN FIXER
Structure: Vibration control + Bolt + Nut
Structure: Bolt + Nut

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.