MIC Holder: MH Series

Improved sound quality for microphone.

  • Propagated external vibration of mechanical noise from motors, enclosures and so on is suppressed.
  • Easy to assemble for microphone with connector because of material characteristic of high elongation rate.
  • Silicon-free and sulfur-free material, solves electrical contact failures.
MIC Holder: MH Series



Dimensions: MH-62-100BK


Dimensions: MH-6022-100BK
Part No.MaterialApplicable Microphone Size
(KG-GEL / YMG-100-BK)
φ6 mm, Thickness 1.5 ~ 1.9 mm
MH-6022-100BKφ6 mm, Thickness 2.2 ~ 2.9 mm
Specifications: MIC HOLDER

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.