Smart Factory and Industrial Robots

KGS Solution Parts Support Changing Factory Requirements Towards Industry 4.0

Advancements in communication technologies have made it possible to transmit more data at high speeds, allowing industrial equipment to perform simple to complex tasks. In addition, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the factory setting is being considered to further improve productivity.

For example, in order to perform more complicated tasks, there is an increase in the number of moving parts within industrial robots; and it is necessary to accurately control those moving parts. And, more sensors, cameras, etc. are needed to perform these accurate control.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America provide electromagnetic noise countermeasure technology (EMC), heat countermeasure technology (Thermal Interface Materials, or TIMs) for suppressing heat generated by electronic elements, and vibration countermeasure technology (Vibration Damping Materials) so that these industrial devices can operate accurately and safely.

Robotic arms use motors of varying sizes in order to function. Wideband electromagnetic noise can emit from these motors as well as the signals that control them. KGS offers noise suppression solutions such as low-frequency and high-frequency ferrite cores including single piece types, clamp-types, flat cable cores, and flexible ferrite cores.

On moving apparatus like robotic arms, split-type ferrite cores are ideal and easy to attach onto cables. Cables between the robotic arm and its control panel (for motor control) can have a larger low-frequency ferrite core and a cable shield for insulation and EMI shielding.

Ferrite clamp for low frequency range: MRFC Series
MRFC Series: Clamp-type low frequency noise

Aimed to suppress low frequency noise between 150KHz to 30MHz. UL94V-0-rated housing.

Split Toroidal Cores with Plastic Housing: GRFC Series
GRFC Series: Clamp-type high frequency noise

Employ high-performance ferrites (Nickel-Zinc) effective against high frequency noise.

Cores for Low Frequency Noise: TRM Series
TRM | TRMH Series: 1piece low frequency noise

High Impedance noise filter for low frequency (kHz to MHz) range. Operating temperature -40 ~ 85 °C

Solid Sleeve Ferrite Cores: GRI Series
GRI Series: 1piece high frequency noise

Sleeve cores can be permanently attached to cables by thermostatic resin molding or heat shrink tubing.

Broad Effect Core: BRE Series
BRE Series: Broadband EMC noise suppression

Amorphous metal core, effective for suppression of conducted and radiated broadband noise.

Broad Effect Core: BREK Series
BREK Series: Includes screw mount tabs

High-performance noise suppression cores with secure screw-mounts for fixation.

Wire Mesh Tape: MT Series
MT Series: Wire Mesh Tape

Can be easily wrapped around the cable or insert cables through the mesh cylinder.

Flat Cable Shield Jacket: ECBR-AL Series
ECBR-AL Series: Flat Cable Shield Jacket

Light weight and flexible, nylon hook and loop (Velcro) fastener for easy application.

Smart transfer robots include sensors and sensor-related parts to transport goods autonomously. Existing electromagnetic noise and vibration movement from the factory machines can affect the robot’s performance, and immunity counter-measures would be important for accurate operations in such environments.

For EMC immunity noise mitigation, on-board grounding contacts (for EMC grounding and also effective against ESD or static electricity) and on-board shielding can clips (for use with shield cans) can be used. Thermal interface materials for transferring heat away from heat generating components to prevent overheating and malfunctions. EMI absorbers (such as flexible ferrite sheets for wireless charging) can also be used to combat immunity noise.

Standard Type: OG Series
OG Series: Standard Type

Excellent grounding materials for reducing EMI noise at the board level and space saving.

On‐board Contact for Parallel EMC Grounding: OG-503253-A
OG A Series: Parallel EMC Grounding

Spring mechanism capable of withstanding 10 million deflections caused by engine vibration.

Side Contacts for Perpendicular Grounding: OGSC Series
OGSC Series: Side Contacts

Ideal for applications where standard grounding between parallel boards/chassis is not possible.

On-Board Shield Can Clips: OGCP Series
OGCP Series: On-Board Shield Can Clips

Allows for easy installation and removal of shield‐cans for quick inspections and re‐work.


Wireless Charging Flexible and Rigid Ferrite Sheet: FFSW/SDK Series
FFSW Series: Very thin and flexible ferrite tile

Increases field strength of the transmitter and receiver antenna with the addition of this ferrite.

RFID/NFC Flexible Ferrite Sheet: FFSX Series
FFSX Series: RFID/NFC Flexible Ferrite Sheet

Flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet, engineered for both RFID/NFC and Rezence wireless charging.

Silicone Free Thermal Pad: CPVP-F Series
CPVP-F Series: Soft, 2W/m•K Thermal Pad

Super compliable (ASKER C 0) material sandwiched between thin permanent PET film.

Silicone-Free Thermal Pad: CPSH Series
CPSH Series: Soft, 5W/m•K Thermal Pad

Compliable thermal pad helps to crowd out air bubbles to reduce thermal resistance.

Signal lines for motor control and power lines are contained together the control box, and EMC noise can conduct or radiate from these lines.

Ferrites are frequently used to suppress these noise, but understanding how to attach ferrites based on differential mode noise and common mode noise is an important distinction in addition to knowing the problematic frequency. There are also multiple openings where cables extend from the box and slits where the top and bottom of the box join together. Shielding materials such as conductive FoF gaskets and conductive foams can be used to fill these gaps.

Broad Effect Core

Broad Effect Core: BRE Series
BRE Series: Broadband EMC noise suppression

Amorphous metal core, effective for suppression of conducted and radiated broadband noise.

Broad Effect Core: BREK Series
BREK Series: Includes screw mount tabs

High-performance noise suppression cores with secure screw-mounts for fixation.

Ni-Zn Ferrite Clamp: KRFC Series
KRFC Series: Ni-Zn Ferrite Clamp

Effective suppression of conducted noise up to 30MHz and radiated noise over 30MHz.

Toroidal Core: KTR Series
KTR Series: Single, solid toroidal core

Effective for suppression of both conducted noise (up to 30MHz) and radiated noise (over 30MHz).

Fabric over the Foam Gasket: NLCG Series
NLCG Series: Fabric over the Foam Gasket

EMI gasket with low surface resistance for excellent shielding effectiveness and ESD mitigation.

Conductive Cushion Gasket: EZ-Foam™ – EZ-F Series
EZ-F Series: Conductive Cushion Gasket

Ideal for grounding or shielding applications with narrow gaps and a great alternative to FoF gaskets.

Low Resistance Transparent Conductive Film: WINAL Series
WINAL Series: Transparent Conductive Film

Low surface electric resistance gives higher shielding effectiveness. Protected by PET film on both surfaces.

Cable Shielding Jacket: FRCSE Series
FRCSE Series: Lightweight Cable Shield Jacket

Easily installed on connected cables for immediate shielding against emissions or immunity noise.

A wide variety of factory automation (FA) equipment exist to create a single product. These machines can bend, scrape, stretch, and even weld the raw materials to produce the final product. It becomes necessary to protect precision equipment in environments where vibration/shock from FA machines and water/oil used for processing materials can scatter.

EMC noise suppression and immunity mitigation solution materials are critical in these environments. Equally important in FA equipment are vibration damping materials to reduce vibration and shock, dust-proof and drip-proof parts at the cable opening, and protective materials for cables.

Vibration Isolator: VB Series
VB Series: Vibration Isolator

High-performance damper using extremely low-hardness material with high damping performance.

Sound Damper: SS2-1.0-T1
SS2-1.0-T1: Sound Damper

Sound damper suppresses airborne and vibration sound simultaneously. Operating: -40 ºC ~ +150 ºC.

Dust Proof Bushing: DDB Series
DDB Series: Dust Proof Bushing

Dust resistant plug that can be pierced with round cable. Can be used as a blind bushing.

New Super Lock: NSL Series
NSL Series: New Super Lock

Holds wire securely with adjustable internal ring. Keeps out water, dust, oil, etc. by the unique sealing.

Waterproof Cover / WPC20
WPC20: Waterproof Cover

Water and dust resistant cover for USB connectors. Cover with clamp portion prevents cables from

USB Connector Cover / USBCC Series
USBCC Series: USB Connector Cover

Removal prevention clamp for USB connector (with up-and-down tab). Up-and-down tab enables transvers mounting.

FK Duct: FKD Series
FKD Series: Flexible Cable Duct

Cable duct having very flexible construction and movable in 3D directions.

Plastic Spiral Tube: SPP Series
SPP Series: Plastic Spiral Tube

Bundles and protects wires/cables. Three materials are available to meet your applications.