Silicone-Base Thermal Pad: IMTH30 Series – Standard Type

IMTH30 series thermal pads have a high conductivity of 3.0 W/m*K and is available in 0.3 mm to 10 mm thicknesses.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s IMTH series, silicone-based thermal pads are popular items for many applications such as cell phonesdisplay, laptop, routers, network servers, smart metercar navigationprinterdigital camera etc.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers a wide variety from 1.0 W/m*K up to highest 7.0 W/m*K in thicknesses from 0.5 mm up to 20 mm. They are also cost effective thermal management solutions.

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Silicone-Base Thermal Pads: IMTH30 Series


Material Value / Desc
Binder Silicone
Filler Alumina
Top Release Liner PET
Bottom Release Liner PET

Cross-section View

Cross Section View: IMTH Series
Mechanical Properties Value / Desc Test Method
Thickness 0.3 ~ 10
Standard Sheet Size 200 x 300
Top Release Liner Color Clear
Silicone Pad Color Gray
Bottom Release Liner Color Clear
Hardness (shore 00) 60 ± 10 ASTM D2240
Specific Gravity 2.9 ASTM D792
Continuous Usage Temp (°C) 40 ~ 200
IMTH30S soft version available: shore 40 ± 10 / with fiberglass available
Electrical Properties Value / Desc Test Method
Dielectric Breakdown (KVac/mm) 6 ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity (ꭥ/cm) 10¹² ASTM D257
Value / Desc Test Method
Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K) 3.0 ASTM E1530
Flame Retardant UL94V0 Equivalent UL94
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.