Change Gel Thermal Pad + EMC Dual Function: CGE Series

Phase Change, Thermally Conductive Sheet Capable of EMI Noise Suppression.

  • Multifunctional sheet for EMC and thermal management.
  • Phase change at 50°C.
  • Helps close contact with heating elements and secures the effectiveness.
  • Very thin: 0.25 mm

  • Silicone Free – No Problem of Bad Electrical Contacts!
  • Re-workable type (easy application and removal) and fixed type are available.
  • Operating temperature -20 ~ 100°C
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Phase Change

Phase Change

The gel sheet changes to high-viscosity liquid due to the heat from IC, and fills air gap, effectively transferring the heat to heat sink to lower the temperature of heat generating element.

Cross-section View

Cross-section View
Property Test Method CGE-0.25
Thickness (mm) 0.25 ±0.025
Standard sheet size (mm) 195 x 195 ±2.5
Phase Change Temperature (°C) 50
Volume Resistivity (Ω•cm) JIS K 6911 1.0 x 10¹³
Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K) JIS R 2616 (Hot-wire method) 1.5
Permeability (100MHz) 7
Re-workability No
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 ~ 100
Color Brown

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.