Frame Grounding Cable Clamps: FGC Series

Suitable for contact in large clearance applications.

  • Provides simultaneous fastening and grounding for coaxial and braid-shielded cables.
  • Resin base plated with copper foil.
  • High quality materials prevent the clamp from damaging the cable shielding or the insulation sleeve.
  • Excellent flexibility insures constant contact pressure and stable contact resistance under heat variation and heavy vibration conditions.
  • The contact resistance of the highly conductive copper layer is lower than the nickel or chromium plating on the standard metallic clamps.
  • Low weight and space saving solution for dedicated cable grounding.
  • Fastening and grounding on power and signal round cables in various applications where electrical connection between the cable and the grounding circuit is required for EMI shielding or ESD suppression.
Frame Grounding Cable Clamps: FGC Series
Side-View: FGC Series
Top-View: FGC Series

M3 and M4 Screw Assembly Type

Part NumberFGC-3, FGC-3 M4FGC-5, FGC-5 M4FGC-8, FGC-8 M4
D3.0 m4.36.5 m
FM3 diameter: 3.2, M4 diameter: 4.2
Applicable cable diameter2.7 ~ 3.55.0 ~ 5.58.2 ~ 9.0
Plastic materialNylon 66 (light gray / UL 94V-0)
Metal material and thicknessCopper
0.03 mm
Operating temperature-10 ~ 65 °C
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.