Onboard Plate: OGP-2520, OGP-3216, OGP-4520

OGP configuration ensures reliable contact.

  • OGP solves contact failure problems caused by solder flux
  • Better reliability compared with solder
  • Eliminates continuity failure caused by pattern scraping between a PCB and pogo pins and a PCB and a metal plate
  • OGP-2520 is 40 % or more downsized from OGP-4520. (Product size: 2.5 mm)
  • Gold-plated OGP-3216 can be used as a partial gold plating on PCBs


Dimensions: OGP-2520


Dimensions: OGP-3216


Dimensions: OGP-4520


Base material: Brass
Surface treatment: Sn reflow plating ※(First plating: Cu plating)
※Surface treatment for OGP-3216: Au/Ni plating on both sides.

Resistance Measurement Results

Test method:

1: A terminal and OGP-2520s are soldered on a substrate. A second terminal is soldered on to a separate substrate, with solder fillets applied on the substrate at the same position as the OGP.
2: A screw is tightened in each location and the substrates are heat treated.
3: After the treatment, the resistance between the terminal and screw is measured with a Milliohm HiTester.

Resistance Measurement Results: OGP-2520 and Solder

Treatment condition: 125℃

Application Examples

Application Examples: OGP-2520, OGP-4520
Screw loosening prevention and automated mounting

Screw loosening prevention and automated mounting

WashersOGP Series
Mounting MethodManualAutomated
  • Cost saving by automa?on!
  • Parts are automatically counted by mounters.

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

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