On-Board Clip: OGCP-502423

Automated mounting applicable fixture “On-Board Clip” for shielding can.

  • Clip structure enables easy removal of shielding can.

  • Multi-point GND is provided to shielding can and reinforced shielding performance.

  • Wide opening (A) provides easy insertion of a shielding can.

Wide opening (A) provides easy insertion of a shielding can.

Dimensions (mm)

Dimension: OGCP-502423

Pad and Mask Dimensions (mm)

Pad and Mask Dimensions: OGCP-502423
Part No.OGCP-502423
ApplicationsGround clip for SMD
Recommended Shield‐Can Thickness0.28 ~ 0.56
MaterialPhosphor bronze for spring (t0.12mm)
Surface TreatmentSn reflow plating
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~ 125
Qty per Reel6,000 pcs

Before and after Heat Cycle Test

Before and after Heat Cycle Test: OGCP-502423
  • Test condition: -40 °C (2h) ~ 125 °C (2h) x 167 cycles
  • Test method: OGCP-502423 is installed at four locations surrounding the on-board antenna.
  • Radiation noise that is emitted from inside of the shielding can is measured before and after the heat cycle test.
Test Condition: OGCP-502423

Initial Resistance Characteristics

Initial Resistance Characteristics: OGCP-502423


Application: OGCP-502423

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.