Frame Grounding Spacers: FGS Series

Screw free fixing spacer is combined with EMC grounding function.

  • Light-weight PPE resin base provided with a tinned phosphor bronze conductive strip.
  • High quality materials with excellent flexibility insures constant contact pressure and stable contact resistance under heat variation and heave vibration conditions.
  • Single piece with snap-on mounting capability – materials and labor saving solution to replace the classical screw assembled metal spacers.
  • Convenient fitting on various inter-board spacing sizes.
  • Snap-on card spacers provide support for printed circuit boards fastening to the chassis or base plates in applications where electrical connection between elements is required for EMI shielding or ESD suppression.
  • Ideal labor saving solution for high volume electronic packaging applications.
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Frame Grounding Spacers: FGS Series
Part Number A (B)
FGS-3S 9.8 20.3
FGS-4S 11.4 21.9
FGS-6S 14.4 24.9
FGS-8S 17.7 28.2
FGS-9S 20.0 30.5
Dimension: FGS Series
Recommended Board Thickness (a): 1.6 ~ 2.0, (b): 1.0 ~ 2.0
Mounting Hole Diameter (a): 4.0, (b): 4.8
Plastic Material PPHOX (Black / UL94V-0)
Metal Material Tin Plated Phosphor Bronze
Flame Resistance UL94V-0
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.