Round Cable (Clamp-Type)

These high-performance ferrite cores for round cables come in three types of materials: nickel-zinc and magnesium-zinc. They are great to clamp onto terminated cables and are available with different types of plastic casings.

RFC Series

Ferrite assembly in fully enclosed Nylon 6/6 case, can be installed as a single add-on component by snapping.

RFC-A Series

Automotive grade ferrite clamp with excellent heat resistance.

RFC-MA Series

Ferrite clamp with excellent heat resistance, effective for prevention of conducted/radiated noise in low-frequency range.

RFCW Series

Ferrite clamp that can withstand engine compartment conditions.

Low Cut Ferrite Clamp: BFCWN-MA Series / Block Ferrite Clamp: BFCWN-A Series

Low profile provides 30% space saving compared with the conventional type. Housing with anti-slip means for cable tie around its outer side.

GRFC Series

G Ferrite Core – No nickel and competitively priced. Employ high-performance ferrites (Nickel-Zinc) effective against high frequency noise.

GTFC Series

High performance Nickel-Zinc ferrite cores for effective common mode EMI suppression. Split toroidal core fully enclosed in a Nylon 6/6 snap-on clamp case. Material flammability rating: UL94-V0.

GTFCK Series

Incorporated spring (stainless steel-SUS 304-CSP) insures permanent tight contact of the two-sleeve core halves for consistent performance. TFC series also available with internal safety locking latch.

Toroidal Cores with Removable Fixture: GTFCR Series

Nickel-free – Toroidal cores with removable fixture. Material: Soft Ferrite, Housing: PA66, Color: Light gray, Flammability: UL94V-0, Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C

KRFC Series

Split-core ferrite clamp designed to filter noise from around 3 ∼ 50 MHz. Effective suppression of conducted noise up to 30MHz and radiated noise over 30MHz.

MRFC Series

Effective solutions for suppression of disturbance from switching power supply and motor.


KGS America’s EMI Ferrite Core are used in a wide range of application field