Flat Cable Ferrite Cores (2-Piece)

These high-performance ferrite cores for flat cables come in two types of materials: nickel-zinc, magnesium-zinc. They come with two pieces or split type and can be easily applied over terminated cables. They come in a variety sizes, and KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers a patented flexible version that is thin, light, and durable.

BCN Series

Larbor-saving assembly and fixing by combination with plastic clamp.

FFPC Series

Thin Ferrite Sheet provides optimal EMC soution for FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and FFC (Flexible Flat Cables).

GFPH Series

Split core for convenient fitting on pre-wired cables.

GFPO Series

Open magnetic circuit structure provides high impedance with close contact on FPC.

Split Ferrite Core For Flat Cable: GSSH Series

Split core type for easy assembly on wired or connected cables.


KGS America’s EMI Ferrite Core are used in a wide range of application field