Split Toroidal Cores with Plastic Housing: GTFC Series

G Ferrite Core – No nickel and competitively priced (Patented)

  • High performance Nickel-Zinc ferrite cores for effective common mode EMI suppression.
  • Split toroidal core fully enclosed in a Nylon 6/6 snap-on clamp case. Material flammability rating: UL94-V0.
  • Incorporated spring (stainless steel-SUS 304-CSP) insures permanent tight contact of the two-sleeve core halves for consistent performance. Closed clamp snaps into optional mounting fixtures, available for assembling with M3 (1/8″) screw, double sided adhesive tape or snap-on fastener.
  • TFC series also available with internal safety locking latch.
  • Standard case colors available: off-white and black.
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Part No.ProfileABCApplicable cable diameter
GTFC-16-8-13122.320.118.97.2 MAX
GTFC-16-8-16122.320.121.97.2 MAX
GTFC-20-10-10127.124.916.08.5 MAX
GTFC-23-11-14130.528.320.210.5 MAX
GTFC-25-15-12131.128.917.813.0 MAX
GTFC-28-16-13135.132.918.814.7 MAX
GTFC-28-16-20135.132.925.814.7 MAX
GTFC-41-27-16248.244.519.626.0 MAX
Part No.Impedance Ω/100MHz (1Turn)

Impedance vs Frequency

Impedance: GTFC-16-8-13
Impedance: GTFC-16-8-13
Impedance: GTFC-20-10-10
Impedance: GTFC-23-11-14
Impedance: GTFC-25-15-12
Impedance: GTFC-28-16-13
Impedance: GTFC-28-16-20
Impedance: GTFC-41-27-16
GTFC with band

Cable tie can assist to hold electric wires and enables the product to be fixed ti wire harness.
(Excluding GTFC-41-27-16)

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.