Split Toroidal Cores with Plastic Housing: RFC Series

G Ferrite Core – No nickel and competitively priced (Patented)

  • Employ high-performance ferrites (Nickel-Zinc) effective against high frequency noise.
  • Ferrite assembly in fully enclosed Nylon 6/6 case, can be installed as a single add-on component by snapping.
  • Design to help provide cost and time-to-market saving.
  • Can be installed in its intended location before or after product assembly by snapping.
RFC - Dimension
Part No.ABCApplicable cable diameter
RFC-H1331.729.44112.5 ~ 13.5
RFC-2040404720 max
RFCK2-20 (RFC-20 with mount tab)40404720 max
Part No.Impedance Ω/100MHz (1Turn)
RFCK2-20 (RFC-20 with mount tab)≥180

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.