Low Frequency (KHz) Ferrite Cores

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America also offers ferrite cores that have high impedance at the KHz range. While TRM and TRMH are one piece types, RFC-MA is a split type to go around terminated cables. TRM and TRMH also come with an epoxy coating. Made with combinations of nickel-zinc and manganese-zinc, they come in a variety of different sizes to fit various round cables.

TRM Series

“Mn” ferrite cores, suitable solutions for conductive and radiation noise in low frequency range.

TRMH Series

Most suitable ferrite core for suppressing conductive noise at 1 MHz or less.

TRCB Series

Effective noise filter for suppressing low-frequency noise in kHz to MHz range with the higher impedance characteristics.

MRFC Series

Effective solutions for suppression of disturbance from switching power supply and motor.

RFC-MA Series

Ferrite clamp with excellent heat resistance, effective for prevention of conducted/radiated noise in low-frequency range.

RFCW Series

Ferrite clamp that can withstand engine compartment conditions. Excellent low frequency noise suppression (150 KHz~30MHz).


KGS America’s EMI Ferrite Core are used in a wide range of application field