Round Cable Ferrite Cores (1-Piece)

These high-performance ferrite cores for round cables come in three types of materials: nickel-zinc and magnesium-zinc. They can be easily slid onto non-terminated cables. They come in a variety of sizes and our low frequency (KHz) ferrite cores come with epoxy coating as well.

GRI Series

Suitable for insertion on round cables and wire bundles, in a single or multiple turns, before the final cable assembly.

GTR Series

Ferrite clamp that can withstand engine compartment conditions. Excellent low frequency noise suppression (150 KHz~30MHz).

GTRE Series

Oval style enables space-saving compared with toroidal type.

KTR Series

Single, solid toroidal core formulated to target 3 ~ 50 MHz (mid-frequency range).

BRE Series

High-performance, broadband EMC noise suppression core.

Broad Effect Core: BREK Series

High-performance noise suppression cores with secure screw-mounts for fixation.

MPTR Series

Normal-mode noise suppressing core with excellent DC superposition property.

TRM Series

“Mn” ferrite cores, suitable solutions for conductive and radiation noise in low frequency range.

TRMH Series

Most suitable ferrite core for suppressing conductive noise at 1 MHz or less.

TRCB Series

Effective noise filter for suppressing low-frequency noise in kHz to MHz range with the higher impedance characteristics.

GRIP Series

Soft ferrite core for lead components.


KGS America’s EMI Ferrite Core are used in a wide range of application field