Sleeve Ferrite Clamp: RFC-A Series

Automotive grade ferrite clamp with excellent heat resistance. 

  • Split-type ferrite core designed for easy installation to terminated cables
  • Plastic casing features strap guides to prevent ferrite from sliding along the cable ( excluding RFC-20-A)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C-+ 125°C
  • No tool required for installation or uninstallation
RFC-A - Dimension
Plastic strap guides prevent sliding
Part No.ABCApplicable max cable diameter
RFC-6-A18.518.134.0∅ 6.0
RFC-8-A20.620.134.0∅ 8.5
RFC-9-A22.621.734.0∅ 9.5
RFC-13-A29.628.434.0∅ 13.5
RFC-H13-A31.729.441.0∅ 13.5
RFC-20-A40.040.047.0∅ 20

Impedance vs. Frequency

Sleeve Ferrite Clamp: RFC-A (Impedance vs Frequency)

Impedance Values (Heat Shock Test)

Sleeve Ferrite Clamp: RFC-A (Impedance Values)

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.