Metal Core: MPTR Series

Normal-mode noise suppressing core with excellent DC superposition property.

  • Due to higher magnetic flux density, current superposition (current at 20A or less) will not lower the impedance.
  • Resin-coated core to protect cables.
  • Impedance is stable from -40°C~+140°C, with a high Curie temp.
  • Possible to suppress normal mode noise.
Dimensions: METAL CORE - MPTR
Part No.ABC
Part No.Impedance Ω
MPTR-20-13-10E≧ 17
MPTR-27-15-11E≧ 12
MPTR-40-24-15E≧ 12

Impedance vs Frequency

Impedance vs Frequency: MPTR-20-13-10E
Impedance vs Frequency: MPTR-27-15-11E
Impedance vs Frequency: MPTR-40-24-15E

Impedance with DC superposition (20A)

Impedance with DC superposition (20A)

Measurement Conditions:
Impedance measurement: 5 turns, DC superposition: 1 turn

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.