GRIP Core: GRIP Series

Soft ferrite core for lead components.

  • Natural grip of silicone-rubber covering allows for easy installation.
  • GRIP core can be fixed in place with no adhesive.
  • Vibration suppression of FET or diode.
  • Operating temperatures between -40°C~+125°C

Dimensions: GRIP Core
Dimensions: GRIP Core
Structure: GRIP Core
Part No.Outer DiameterHeightApplicable Lead DiameterApplicable Lead Diameter
GRIP-3.5-1.8-2φ4.42.8Ø 0.6~1.6Width:0.8~1.5
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 125°C
Part No.Impedance Ω/100MHz (1Turn)

Impedance vs Frequency

Impedance vs Frequency: GRIP CORE

Application Example

Application Example: GRIP CORE

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.